Avocado Carving Horror Stories Posted on 31 Oct 10:02 , 15 comments

We've all seen it and cringed: that friend from somewhere cold that's trying to prep an avocado. This can be awfully excruciating. The carver in question stumbles along wasting fruit while you go grey. You're secretly hating him or her because now you're just having to wait longer for less fruit... and all the while, you know that there is a pack of people just outside the kitchen door who are salivating and jockeying for position so that they can have the advantage when it comes time to descend on that avocado centered dish.

That isn't going to go over well. We all know that avocado is always the first to go at any party. And now the crowd is hungrier and avocado is becoming scarce. That sounds like a recipe for disaster. So what do you do? You may not be able to stop this train wreck in motion, but you can prevent it in the future.

1. Anonymously send your friend a link to this site so that he or she can learn the the proper way treat an avocado.

2. Comment below and give us the dirty details of your friend's avocado carving fail. The most horrific story will earn 10% off of their next order at AvocadoOrganic.com

3. Review the 6 Steps to Avocado Preparation Glory to make sure that you're doing things right. You don't want to get caught in the kitchen green handed.