Nordeen Farms

In 1970, the Nordeen family purchased a small avocado grove and home in Fallbrook, California. This began the development of a family farm business and a lifestyle centered on the avocado industry. Over the next 40 years, our farm grew from its original home and five acres to three homes, 25 acres, and four generations of Nordeen farmers. Our family's love of the land and desire to grow the best California avocados possible has allowed us to survive and endure in the competitive economic climate of southern California.

Our original grove was planted with Fuerte and Bacon avocados, which many believe are two of the best tasting of the California avocado varieties. For this reason we maintain a few of our original Fuerte and Bacon trees for family and friends. However, the popular Hass avocado variety has been the mainstay of our commercial business. Its rich flavor rivals that of the Fuerte and, due to its thick skin, ships much better than the more delicate Fuertes and Bacons.

We have long practiced the principles of sustainable/organic farming and have come to realize that our organic avocados are not the run of the mill, retail store avocados. For this reason we have chosen to make our high quality fruit available directly to customers. Removing the "middle man," packing houses, and large chain retailers from the equation means our fruit arrives at your home without requiring pesticides, artificial fertilizers, ethylene gassing, or cold storage. This means that you will receive the healthiest, freshest, and most delicious avocado possible!

We hope you love eating our organic California avocados as much as we love growing them!

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