6 Steps to Avocado Preparation Glory Posted on 27 Oct 07:00 , 0 comments

1. Ripeness. Make sure your fruit is ripe (how to ripen an avocado here and how to tell an avocado is ripe here). Then admire that big beautiful fruit. You know it's packed full of buttery, nutrient rich fruit. Pat yourself on the back for getting it from avocadoorganic.com.
2. Cut. Place the organic avocado on its side and cut it in half around the seed. Twist and separate the halves.  I like to start from the fat bottom and work my around, but you can start on the other end if you like. You do you.
 3. Deseeding. Hold the half with the seed in one hand and apply one swift hack of the knife into the seed. Use enough force to embed the knife in the seed. Let the knife stick. Now twist the knife. The seed will pop out.  
Side Note: Resist the urge to celebrate by raising your hands in the air in response to the cheers of your very imaginary adoring fans. You have a precious avocado in one hand and a knife in the other. Have some common sense and remember it's bad form to be smug about your epic deseeding skills. 
4.  Crosshatch. Place each half on its skin, with the fruit facing up. Slice vertical lines deep enough to graze along the skin at the bottom. Now repeat the same process with horizontal lines. The fruit should have a crosshatch design on it. For you whipppersnappers... that means it looks like a bunch of hashtags.
5. Scoop. Take a spoon and wedge it between the skin and the fruit. Scrape the edge of the spoon along the skin and a bunch of cute little avocado squares will pop out!
6. Enjoy. Use the delicious fruit on everything to make any meal you're cooking even better.