The 5 types of avocados at AvocadoOrganic Posted on 17 Nov 09:38 , 0 comments

Most avocado lovers are aware that different types of organic avocados exist. If pressed further, an avocado buff might be able to name the two most popular kinds of avocados: Hass and Fuerte. That's akin to a self proclaimed wine lover proudly stating that he or she knows that there are two types of wine- red and white. 

We need to change this. There are many varieties of avocado, each with its own unique flavor profile and attributes. We want avocado connoisseurs around the globe to understand the subtle yet significant differences between the many varieties of avocado that are out there. If you have the right information, you can make sophisticated choices when selecting what is best for their intended use. 

Imagine just how refined you'll sound when you're attending a fancy soiree and make an off-hand comment such as, "I can tell by the large size and flawless texture that this particular avocado hails from the Fallbrook region... and I'm detecting strong notes of nuttiness... which leads me to believe I'm enjoying a Lamb Hass... am I right old chap?"

Without further ado, let's begin your avocado enlightenment. AvocadoOrganic specializes in five varieties, and after we highlight each one, you'll understand why we chose to focus our efforts on these particular kinds of avocados.

1. The Bacon: This variety is easy to peel and hard to resist. It is medium sized and has a lighter flavor - the perfect complement to, hello, bacon! It’s perfect for turning a BLT into what it always wanted it to be: a BLTA. You'll know it's ripe when it yields to gentle pressure. This fan favorite doesn't always get dark as it ripens.



2. The Fuerte: The OG California Avocado. Great taste, easy to peel, and silky smooth flesh that cuts like butter. Fuerte avocados are the ideal upgrade for dishes in which you're trying to replace mayo. With this one easy switch, you can up your nutrition game without sacrificing intensity to the taste buds. They’re available in the dead of winter and can add a much needed spark to help propel you through a gloomy winter and help you keep your beach bod so that you're not scrambling to the gym once the weather starts hinting at summer.  


3. The Hass: When most people think avocado, Hass is the type of avocado that comes to mind because it is what’s typically found in grocery stores.The small seed to fruit ratio (especially when grown in Fallbrook), allows for an exceptionally high fruit yield that has a reputation for rich taste and creamy texture. They also have an excellent shelf life and a tough skin that protects from bruising during shipping, making them a top choice of grocery stores.



4. The Lamb Hass: Have you ever heard the phrase, "Go big or go home"? These guys aren't going home anytime soon- unless home is in your belly. They are big in size, and known for their heavy levels of creaminess that is enhanced with a distinct nutty flavor. Nordeen Farms recently planted Lamb Hass trees that will start to bear fruit in 2 years. It’s worth the wait for these massive avocados as they are harvested later in the season and will help us get closer to being able to offer avocados year round.



5. Reed Avocados. Coming soon to AvocadoOrganic! As our Reed trees start to produce, we'll be closer to being able to provide fresh grown, California avocados all year round! Speaking of round, Reeds are distinctively round and large. There is some slight pebbling on the skin and Reeds typically have a medium sized seed. Weights typically range from 8 to 18 ounces (more than a pound!).


Big shout-out the California Avocado Commission for letting us use their photos. Please visit them to learn more about California avocados!